When following a URL you've been linked, all necessary info will be contained in it, and you don't need to do any additional setup. The settings will be hidden by default.

Click on a goal to mark it as solved (and click it again to unmark it). On a synced board, this info will be shared with other players. You can tag-mark goals by right-clicking on them, which will only be visible to you.

As a side effect of the sync feature, you can reload or reopen the browser tab and retain already marked items. This is not true for boards without a sync setting.

Creating a Board

You can go about creating boards two different ways.

Utilizing the Form Elements

Pick all options in the form below the example board, then click on the checkmark to apply them. You can play this board against others by sending them the resulting URL.

Some boards have flags that can be set by including them in the seed. Which flags are available for a game can be seen after reloading the page with a set game (and toggle settings to be visible), as clickable links which will append the flag to the seed. While the seed itself is case-sensitive in terms of entropy generation, flags are not.


You can manually construct a URL by appending the respective parameters to the URL (in the browser address bar). All undefined parameters will default to the pre-set values.

The following parameters are available:

Example URL:

Board Types

Regular Boards

Most games use this type of board, which randomly picks and places goals from an array based on the given seed. The seed is used for entropy, as well as for setting options within the item pool via flags.

Custom Boards

When selecting the custom game, the seed value is used as an array of items rather than a seed for entropy. You can define pipe-separated goals that will be output exactly in the order in which they're defined (in row direction).

Example seed: Goal 1|Goal 2|Goal 3

Predefined Boards

Similar to custom boards, when selecting the predefined game, the seed value will be used as a pointer to a predefined array of items on the server side.

There are no plans to create an interface to create these arrays, so you'd have to let me know if you'd like to have a predefined array set up.


This software is provided as-is, and always will be free to use, and free of any kind of requirement to register, advertisement, or user tracking. Server-side logs and statistics are anonymous.

If you have suggestions, feature requests, bug reports, or general feedback, please let me know! You can get in touch via one of these options:

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